Walking Man

a Musical Series by Geraldine Kwik

Booking & Licensing : Geraldine Kwik – contact@geraldinekwik.com

Started in 2015, « Walking Man » is a concept that quickly imposed itself in my mind as a musical series based on archive films used as samples. What is disturbing is that these films are in some cases private films, documentaries or commercials. But an emotion, a story can arise from them if you put them together in an unexpected way. To create a link between the episodes, I imagined this invisible, migrant, itinerant Walking man, witness of these stories. Always inspired by cinema and light, « Walking Man » is like a travel diary for me and the piano is my pencil.


Episode 25 / Fort Bragg


As the war has taken hold, a community of women is learning to live and unite in the face of an uncertain future. They replace the daily tasks of the men as they fight at the front. Resistance takes place within this community.

Episode 24 / Miami Beach


We often forget how happy we’ve been. Time is frozen, it no longer exists and everything becomes peaceful and happy. It’s a place where every day begins again like yesterday in infinity.

Episode 23 / Seattle


It’s time to do what we love and it’s time to share time with the people we love. It’s time to make choices. But it’s time to go back in time to find your better half or to find yourself.

Episode 22 / Leeds


A couple who are passionate about flowers wait for the seasons to pass so that they can see what they have sown grow. Nature offers them a gift: the patience and hope of a much-awaited young shoot.

Episode 21 / New York


A coin stuck in a train attracts everyone’s attention. We live to the rhythm of the train and fall asleep in it.

Episode 20 / Jersey City


A young couple hits a woman after a drunken party. As children, they observe this difficult moment and reject the adult world.

Episode 19 / Lakehurst


Wild horses gallop freely across the plains while a zeppelin crosses the stream. Racehorses try to win when the zeppelin crashes.

Episode 18 / Courrières


A little boy observes a little neighbour at his window every day and wants to invite her to his birthday party. It will take a lot of courage to invite her.

Episode 17 / Connecticut


A young woman in love finds by chance the man of her life. The man is not free. But will they live together?

Episode 16 / Alaska


The melting ice is disrupting the lives of its inhabitants. Dogs watch and watch out for danger. Glaciers are melting, giving birth to rivers and dead trees.

Episode 15 / Paris


It’s the ballad and the singing of the horns of Paris. The men are on the terrace. Eyes meet and smiles freeze.

Episode 14 / Sahara


Desert animals sense a threat coming and communicate with each other to escape their hunters. A wild locust shower will attack humans to save the animals. Nature regains the upper hand and man flees.

Episode 13 / Porto Rico


A whale is trying to escape from its poachers. While a young woman explores the ocean floor to escape from a giant octopus.

Episode 12 / Sri Lanka


It is the journey of nomadic people through time and music. Meanwhile, the railway is being built under the gaze of a little girl from a noble family who watches children bringing stones back from the mine.

Episode 11 / Mexico


A woman alone with her daughter travels through her memories to Mexico. On her way, she makes her husband’s ashes fly into the mountains.

Episode 10 / Shirley


The circus arrives in town with the elephants that dance up the big top to the rhythm of the drums. The clowns get ready for the show. The people are happy.

Episode 09 / Jeannette


A tragedy is about to befall a family. While a woman is dreaming of her childhood sweetheart, a man is going to kidnap her daughter.

Episode 08 / Palo Alto


A boy imagines himself inventing flying machines. He tries every kind of construction in vain until the moment of takeoff. In his dream, he looks for a young woman tightrope walker with whom he has fallen in love. He tries to find her through his travels.

Episode 07 / Albin


The fish dance to the rhythm of the wind. Nature lives its life and a young boy observes it. A fox watches the kiss of a hare and a turtle. The boy watches the fox who in turn watches the boy and his dog. The hare goes back into the forest and the fox secretly dreams of a home.

Episode 06 / Phoenix


A young couple is getting married while their parents are devastated by the news. They are planning their wedding while another couple is separating. A woman runs away from her husband while the bride finds her future husband on a train.

Episode 05 / Albuquerque


A woman’s being chased by hit men. Hats escape from magicians. She’s also running away from a cancer that seems to be catching up with her. But time will stop and then flow backwards.

Episode 04 / San Francisco


On this long road all the axes of time are superimposed. The past and the present mix together to make people interact with each other who only see each other on this road of time.

Episode 03 / Fujisan


The children leave home early to take a long walk to school. It is the long road to knowledge. A photographer is in awe of the cherry blossoms as are the children who marvel at the magic.

Episode 02 / Malmo


A little girl learns piano while the other children play. She imagines herself becoming a great concert performer. The other children are making a snowman. The little girl loses her father. She still plays the piano. A funeral in the city. Children always play in the snow.

Episode 01 / Berlin


The daily routine, people on public transport. The crowds and the solitude at the same time. Men move and walk like puppets without thinking about the meaning of their lives. A young girl on a bicycle tries to escape the crowd to regain her freedom.